We don't work with tickets here

Corporate 21/10/2021

At Paraty Tech, we are more inclined towards direct human interaction, resolving issues on the spot, and providing immediate attention. All departments of the company are involved in this effort.

Although we maintain constant contact with our clients, we periodically like to travel to visit them, especially those who are not nearby. The purpose of these visits is to greet them face to face and, in the process, analyze the product, review the results obtained, identify opportunities, address possible shortcomings, and ultimately gauge their satisfaction with the service they receive.

We won't divulge details, but we take pride in acknowledging that the positive feedback received in recent meetings reveals that this is the right path. Almost a decade ago, we made the correct decision to embrace a customer-centric philosophy that doesn't differentiate based on the establishment's category or revenue. Our commitment to technology and customer service has always been at the forefront as our key strengths and identity markers.

It is assumed that a company of our caliber has powerful, adaptive, and efficient technology. However, in our case, a significant competitive advantage is that all our solutions are 100% in-house and developed entirely in-house, eliminating dependence on third parties.

However, the real difference between providers can come from unexpected places. Customer service, the willingness to invest resources in improvement requests, and the support provided in resolving technical issues can be a definitive differentiator.

We have drawn various conclusions from our recent visits:

  • More hoteliers are demanding, almost expecting, quicker response times.

  • Working with tickets may be convenient for the provider, but not necessarily for the hotel.

  • Particular requests benefit all hotels in the end, not just the one making the request.

  • A "yes" attitude creates positive feelings and enhances the fluidity in client-provider relationships.

We increasingly understand that, in the success of a business model like ours, customer service, the human factor, plays a decisive role. But what are the keys to it?
  • Assigned Account & Revenue Manager: At the moment the contract is signed, a product is assigned an account & revenue manager. This person becomes the main point of contact for the client, the visible face of the company from day one, responsible for studying the product, configuring it for production, and conducting periodic follow-ups. They analyze and suggest the path to achieve maximum optimization. The account manager accompanies the client from the outset, getting involved as much as the client wants in strategy development and decision-making. In every sense, they act as another member of the hotel team with a fundamental goal in mind: increasing direct sales.

  • Goodbye Tickets, Hello Immediate Attention: We have never worked with tickets; we prefer to solve things on the spot, addressing their level of urgency. Our clients always have the option to contact us via phone or email, and we also offer other communication channels.

  • Technical Support 365 Days a Year: This doesn't mean we never rest, but we ensure there is always someone on call to address potential issues, both from the accounts team and other departments. A simple call to the office, and the on-call account will receive the call on their mobile, delegating the task to the appropriate person.

  • Multiple Communication Channels: You will find us whenever you need us, as incidents don't adhere to schedules and tend to follow Murphy's Law. In addition to traditional channels like phone or email, we have a chat on the website and WhatsApp Business. We even have an unmistakable urgency message for WhatsApp when it's outside office hours: the word "FIRE" activates all alarms, and the on-call staff gets to work to extinguish it as soon as possible.

  • Training as Autonomy: For those who prefer working independently, all our clients receive training to autonomously handle the contracted solutions. Does that mean the assigned account washes their hands from that point on? Not at all; their work remains unchanged but in the background, without interfering or being invasive. Always ready for when they are called upon. Our goal is to ensure our clients have exactly the level of autonomy they desire, no more and no less.

  • Particular Requests Translate to General Improvements: Not every company can achieve this, but it's one of the advantages of having our own development tools. We don't hesitate to work on particular requests because each one becomes an improvement available to any other hotel. Each development makes our booking engine a more powerful and complete tool. A "yes" attitude makes us better.

In conclusion, we have a committed, trained, and accessible team aware that hotels and their engines are living entities. Starting them is as important as ensuring they are properly updated. For all this, we are always at your disposal.