With an exponential increase in direct sales since 2016, Diana Costa leads the Portuguese delegation of Paraty Tech, which will open an office in Portugal in October

Corporate 04/04/2019
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In 2019, the data obtained confirms a clear upward trend, and in the first quarter we have already registered an increase of 35% compared to the same period last year.

Portugal is fashionable in Paraty Tech and vice versa. The best proof of this is the extraordinary results we have obtained throughout our three years of activity in Portugal. Since our arrival, the figures recorded invite optimism and confirm the success of our firm commitment to Diana Costa, Business Development Manager Portugal of the company.

With the booking engine, the Paraty support team and the help of our Account Manager, Diana Costa, it has been possible for us to increase the income from our direct sales, as well as improve our online positioning. I would like to highlight that the availability and flexibility of the customer service team has allowed us to deploy, adapt and customize their tools to our needs. Carla Almeida , Revenue & E-Commerce Manager at Vidamar Hotels & Resorts .

Graduated in Tourism, Leisure and Heritage from the University of Coimbra, Diana Costa has developed her entire professional career in the tourism sector, covering different positions in independent hotels. As Account Manager at Paraty Tech, he has always been the person assigned to the largest accounts and the visible face for the majority of our clients in the neighboring country. Thanks largely to his management, after his promotion to Business Development Manager, hiring has multiplied during this period and, as a result, the total sum of direct sales in Portugal has experienced exponential growth between 2016 and 2018.

Currently, Paraty Tech has clients distributed throughout the entire Portuguese territory, including the islands, with special emphasis on the Algarve area. Among all of them, the chains NAU Hotels & Resorts, Luna Hotels & Resorts or Vidamar Hotels & Resorts stand out, and other renowned hotels such as Dom José Beach Hotel, or Douro Royal Valley Hotel & Spa.

Diana is a SUPER Account, always available, very agile and efficient in her responses, as well as in the requested interventions. Without a doubt, it constitutes a key piece to provide dynamism to our direct sales channel, guaranteeing and favoring that we are always up to date with the fierce competition that online distribution entails. Roberto Campos , Revenue Manager at Luna Hotels & Resorts .

The opening of new offices in the Algarve, planned for October, on the one hand, is a direct consequence of the aforementioned growth dynamic in which we are immersed. In fact, the first quarter of 2019 already accumulates more than 30% growth compared to the same period last year. On the other hand, it also constitutes another example of our definitive consolidation in Portugal and, in the words of Diana Costa, a necessary gesture that responds, not only to the express request of our clients in the area, but also to the usual philosophy and intention of the company to be closer to them, with the aim of continuing to offer them the best possible care.