You can now benefit from the Andalusian Bonus with the Paraty Tech Reservation Engine

Booking Engine 06/11/2020

If your establishment is located in Andalusia, you can now offer bookings with the Andalusian Tourist Voucher through your official website.

In Paraty Tech, we are introducing a new initiative aimed at mitigating the impact of the Coronavirus on the hotel sector. In this case, our focus is on the recently launched Andalusian Tourist Voucher by the Andalusian Regional Government. Andalusians who book a hotel with the Andalusia Segura (Safe Andalusia) certification through a Travel Agency can benefit from a 25% discount by presenting the invoice after their stay.

To facilitate this, we have entered into a collaboration agreement with the Alsamo Viajes agency. Any reservation made through your official website to take advantage of the Andalusian Tourist Voucher will be managed by Alsamo Viajes using our booking engine for processing, should you choose to implement this recent development.

How it Works

When you decide to implement this functionality, after requesting and accepting inclusion in Safe Andalusia (a straightforward process based on a declaration of intent and compliance with Covid-19 regulations), you just need to inform your assigned account at Paraty Tech. From that point, the relevant departments will initiate the developments and design of the graphical elements associated with the functionality, whose mechanics are summarized below:
  • Call to Action on the website's homepage
    • Banner designed to inform about the promotion and pique the interest of potential voucher beneficiaries, encouraging them to book.

  • Informative Popup
    • When the user clicks on the banner, an informative popup will appear with the essential requirements to benefit from the voucher, explaining the steps of the booking process.
    • The popup will also include a direct link to a landing page identified under the name Alsamo Viajes, where the user can set the dates and other parameters of their stay through a widget of our booking engine and complete the reservation.
    • A contact phone number for Ring2travel, our Customer Experience Center, will also be provided for those who need assistance or prefer to be assisted by an agent during the booking process.

  • Virtual POS:
    • Specially enabled for the occasion, it will allow Alsamo Viajes to directly handle the reservation payment.

  • Confirmation Emails:
    • As a hotelier, you will receive a reservation from Alsamo Viajes.
    • The user, on the other hand, will receive a confirmation email from Alsamo Viajes, using the same data entered in the last step of the booking process to issue the invoice after the stay, which the traveler must present to the Andalusian Regional Government, along with the requested documentation, to benefit from the refund.

This new functionality, in the words of our CEO, Gina Matheis, "represents a significant competitive advantage for our clients, as a very high percentage of their guests can benefit from it."

Specifically, as stated in the Official Gazette of the Andalusian Regional Government on Tuesday, September 29, 2020, all individuals with administrative residence in any municipality in Andalusia and legal residence in Spain, as well as holders of the Andalusian Card residing abroad, who stay outside their municipality of residence for a minimum of three consecutive nights and book for stays between October 1, 2020, and May 31, 2021, in any tourist accommodation located in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia and with the Andalusia Segura certification are eligible.