FAQ: The ABCs of our booking system

What is the Paraty Tech Hotel Booking Engine?

A booking engine, entirely developed by our team, for hotels, hotel chains and other tourist establishments, such as apartments, campsites, etc. On the one hand, it allows users of your website to book rooms in your establishment. On the other hand, it is easy to manage and it allows you to control and market your inventory, with the aim of enhancing your direct sales, making it easier for your hotel business to prosper adequately. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most popular booking engines for hotels in the hotel sector.

Do I need a new website to be able to use the booking engine?

No. Although our services include web design, unlike other booking engines, ours is ready to be inserted into your current website.

Is the booking engine compatible with my channel manager?

Yes. We are currently integrated with more than thirty channel managers and we are always open to new integrations.

Is the hotel booking engine ready for mobile devices?

Yes. In fact, we have two independent engine versions, for desktop websites and mobile devices respectively, which is an added value in order to offer the best user experience.

Is the booking engine integrated with a revenue management tool?

Yes. It has its own Business Intelligence system, where all the data related to the activity of the engine is collected: reservations made, searches, results without availability, conversion, etc. All the features you can expect to have full control over your main sales channel. In addition, other solutions such as Price Seeker, Rate Check and Parity Maker maintain permanent two-way communication.

Can the hotel booking engine be aesthetically customized?

Yes. Both the widget and the reservation process are customized to suit your corporate image and the aesthetics of your establishment.

Does the booking engine have management software?

Yes. Paraty Hotel Manager is your management system, from which you can add, delete and modify everything related to the booking engine: allotments, open and close sales, rates, board bases, promocodes, description and photographs of the rooms, additional services, etc. It is an online management program, accessible from any place and device.

What form of payment does the hotel booking engine work with?

Due to the need to differentiate itself as a result of the adaptation to the PSD2 regulation, currently the available payment methods are increasing: Redsys, Amazon Pay, Bizum, PayPal, Addon Payment, Universal Pay, Sequra, PlaceToPay, PayJP, Redunicre, PayU , Book & Pay, SIBS... For your peace of mind, we inform you that it is a secure booking engine like few others. Your data and that of your clients will always be safe, according to the requirements of the GDPR.

Does the booking engine have a customer loyalty module?

Yes. You have up to 5 variants to choose from, including very widespread formats such as points or night accumulation programs. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Does the hotel booking engine offer my users the ability to search with flexible dates?

Yes. The calendar offers the possibility of searching by months, with a button to consult the cheapest month, with two display options (a box for each day of the month, or a bar chart).
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