Discover Paraty E-Payments
our centralized collection system

With Paraty E-Payments, our collection system, everything is easy. It complies with PCI DSS and PSD2 regulations, increases the security of transactions and minimizes the probability of fraud.

Endless features

  • Process automation
  • Automatic collections
  • Returns
  • Generation of links for payments
  • Email notifications
  • Creation of business rules
  • Partial charges (percentages, nights, etc.)
  • Deferred Collections (Semi-Flexible Rates)
Ease of use and comfort
Links for payments
Ease for the guest, guarantee for the hotelier
Deferred collections
Very useful for the extended Semi-Flexible Rates

No cost to our clients

Paraty E-Payments is a free tool for our clients with which you can centralize in a single platform all payments and returns of reservations completed on your official website, as well as track their status with a simple glance.
For clients of our booking engine
All payments
In a single platform, our Hotel Manager
Compatible with any payment gateway

Security as a premise: tokenization

Paraty E-Payments guarantees compliance with PCI DSS and PSD2 regulations. We maximize the security of transactions and the treatment of cards through their Tokenization. The perfect solution to manage the collection of Rates Without Prepayment / Direct Payment at the Hotel, avoid problems in the collection of penalties for No Show or Cancellation and reduce the probability of chargebacks.
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
Payment Services Directive 2
Validation of the cards as a guarantee

Create your own payment rules

Paraty E-Payments adapts to your collection strategy, allowing you to create your own payment rules: payment on the web by the client or scheduled, rate discrimination, setting a range of dates or a specific number of days before arrival of the client to make the payment, partial charges for days or percentages, notifications to the guest via email, etc.
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